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Do you love karaoke and singing? Or do you enjoy going out to karaokes with your friends? If you and your friends spend so much money going to your favorite karaoke bar, then you should stop doing so and get yourselves the Singing Superstar. It is a karaoke system that you can hook up to your PC; with this software you can create, use, and manage your own collection of songs from your existing mp3 list, movies, and more. That means you won’t have to be frustrated anymore about not having your favorite song or the song you wanted. It’s also the perfect entertainment for parties and get togethers with friends and family.

When you purchase the Signing Superstar, you will also get an online membership to their website. Once you become a member, you can download 100% legal mp3’s of almost any song by any artist at a minimal price. You can also choose to buy full albums if you want. If you can’t find the artist, song or album that you are looking for, you can also send a request for your favorite song or your favorite artist. Another benefit that you get is that you will also get free updates of the software for free. If you are still skeptical about buying the Singing Superstar, you can always choose to try this system, risk free, for up to 60 days. If you are not satisfied, then you get can your money back—100% guaranteed. More explained here:

The best thing that I like about Singing Superstar is that it allows you to sing against up to six of your friends, that’s six time the fun. You can bring it along with you for parties or for hanging out with your friends. The system also allows you to convert your current cd’s, dvd’s, and mp3’s into karaoke songs, so you don’t have to download or buy the songs you want to sing. It also runs on all versions of Windows, and MAC (just get a converter). The only thing that I don’t really like is that you need to arrange your songs well so you won’t get lost. The songs you can download are too many, so you have to know where to find your favorite songs.

I highly recommend getting the Singing Superstar if you love karaoke! It is a karaoke system, but a whole lot better. If you have a new favorite song, you can just add it on the system. The system also contains over 100,000 different artists, with over 2,000,000 different songs, so you and your friends can sing along with each other all night. You can also store all songs in your PC, so you won’t need a CD for all the songs you want to put in the system.